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Introduction to School of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power

The establishment, existence and growthof School of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power, Hebei University ofEngineering are all because of water resources. With the development of waterconservancy and hydropower construction in New China, School of WaterConservancy and Hydroelectric Power has continuously grown up, concerned aboutwater conservancy, and constantly strived to become stronger. It has become oneof the main schools which have the longest history, the largest scale in HebeiUniversity of Engineering.

There is 1 post-doctoral researchstation (Hydraulic Engineering), 1 national doctoral program (Water Resourcesand Water Environment Control and Integrated Management), 1 first-leveldiscipline master degree program (Hydraulic Engineering), 1 second-leveldiscipline master degree program (Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering), 1 provincial keydiscipline (Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering), and 1 provincial keydevelopment discipline (Water and hydropower Engineering) in our School.Besides, our School has engineer master degree-awarding power (HydraulicEngineering), and degree-awarding power for people with equal education to applyfor master degree (Hydraulic Engineering). Furthermore, our School has theunique integrated talent training system towards “bachelor-master-doctor” inthe discipline of hydraulic engineering in Hebei Province. In addition to that,in our School, there is 1 provincial engineering and technology researchcenter(Hebei Water Resources Efficient Utilization Engineering Technology ResearchCenter), 1 provincial collaborative innovation center(Hebei Water Resources andWater Environment Control and integrated Management Collaborative InnovationCenter), 1 research institute (Institute of Africa Water resources and Environment),and the largest-scale experimental base of “rainfall-runoff-irrigation” innorthern area. In 2016, discipline of hydraulic engineering has been selectedinto Hebei construction project of “national first-class discipline”, and ithas become the only discipline chosen among provincial college disciplines ofthe same kinds.

There are departments of hydraulicengineering, power engineering, water resources engineering, agriculturalhydraulic engineering, waterworks engineering, and experimental teaching anddemonstration centers in our School. At present, six undergraduate programs areset up, such as, Water and Hydropower Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering,Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering,Waterworks Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Automation. Major of Waterand Hydropower Engineering has been selected as national undergraduatecomprehensive reform pilot programs. Major of Water and Hydropower Engineeringand Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering have been evaluated as Hebei modelprograms. Additionally, Hebei bachelor-education undergraduate innovation base forWater and Hydropower Engineering, provincial simulation experiment teachingcenter of Water and Hydropower Engineering, provincial experimental teachingand demonstration center of Water and Hydropower Engineering have been set up.The project, “Hebei University of Engineering--Sichuan Ertan InternationalEngineering Consulting Co., Ltd”, has been approved as the construction projectof national off-campus practice base.

Well-constructed and talented teachingstaffs are included in our faculty. We boast a gallery of well-qualified 109teaching staffs, including 13 professors, 29 vice senior technical staffs, 29doctor-degree teachers, and 5 doctoral supervisors. In our education teachingand research team, there is 1 double-employed academician from Chinese academyof engineering, 1 expert of “Thousand Young Talents Project”, 1 professortitled by UNESCO, 1 State Council Overseas Chinese Expert Advisory Committeemember, 1 water resources expert of Ministry of Water Resources, 1 governmentalcounselor from Hebei Province, 5 experts elected into the333Talent Project”. In 5 recent years, our School has finished and beenresponsible for more than 300 important research programs of national, regionalgovernment offices, enterprises and public institutions and published more than400 papers on domestic and foreign important academic periodicals, 14 academicmonographs and textbooks. It has also been awarded about 20 national patentsand 3 above-provincial rewards for scientific research. Moreover, it concernsabout international communication, therefore, our School has built upcollaborative relationship with more than 10 universities, such as, Universityof Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Lund University, The University of Cape Town,etc.

Presently, School of Water Conservancyand Hydroelectric Power has 2,149 graduate students, 125 postgraduates, 18doctors. Our School has thought highly of undergraduates’ and postgraduates’teaching quality, plus talent cultivation to enhance professional construction,increase students’ innovation and practice capacity, and also cultivatemulti-talents, who are compatible with the needs of economic society anddevelopment of water conservancy and hydropower industry. In recent years,employment rate of School of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power is atthe leading position in HUE Outstanding undergraduates and postgraduates arerecommended to national double first-rate universities to continue their masterand doctor degrees. Many rewards have been won in many competitions, such as,National Challenge Cup, undergraduates’ innovative design competition of waterconservancy, etc., since most of students have won honorary titles of “ChineseUndergraduates’ Star of Self-Improvement”, “National Star of WaterConservancy”, “Outstanding Graduate of National Water Conservancy System”, etc.